grilling in the rain | and a recipe for grilled asparagus

I bought some asparagus at Aldi the other day, and have been really excited to grill it. So I decided that yesterday was the day despite the rainy weather. I added some hamburgers to the menu, and it was looking perfect.


I thought I’d share my “recipe”. Its so easy that it can’t really be called a recipe, but we love it so much that it’s worth sharing for those of you who haven’t ever had delicious asparagus.

Four simple ingredients:

– asparagus

– salt

– pepper

– olive oil

Plus aluminum foil and a grill. šŸ™‚

First step, of course, is rinsing it in cold water. Then I always cut off those hard ends. I hate it when I can’t eat the whole stalk of my asparagus because the end is too tough.


Next, place asparagus on a long piece of aluminum foil, lined up pretty nicely, about three stalks high.

Then I drizzle generously with olive oil. Not too generously that it starts pouring out of the foil, but enough to coat all the stalks. I kinda “stir” it with my hands so that the oil gets dispersed.


Next step is the salt and pepper. I sprinkle quite a bit on, because it just makes it better, in my opinion. But you can do as much or as little as you like. Makes sure all the layers get some!


Then wrap it up by folding the long ends of the foil over each other to make a little packet. Fold and scrunch the open sidesĀ togetherĀ until it forms a pretty good seal.

DSC_0516copy DSC_0518copy

Then you’re ready to grill. I usually do 6-7 minutes per side. It depends how crunchy or tender you like it. I like mine tender, so after 6-7 minutes on both sides, I check it to see if it needs to be grilled longer.

When IĀ was ready to grill last night, this is what was was happening outside.


Yup, rain. Lots of rain. Thunderstorm rain.

Makayala asked me, “Are you going to grill in the rain?”

And I said, “Makayla, I’m pregnant. I’m hungry. I want a hamburger. And I am going to eat a hamburger. So yes, I am grilling in the rain.”

She looked at me like I was a little crazy.


And maybe I was. It was a DOWN POUR. Seriously. I was soaking wet. But it really was worth it. Shane was kind enough to take photos of me through the window while laughing from inside the house.


Thankfully, none of our kids like asparagus except Makayla so there was plenty for me and Shane!