Ryan and Amber // engaged

These two are awesome. Not only are they completely adorable and fun, they braved misty rain and 50 degree temps for their engagement shoot. Their wedding is only two weeks away and I, for one, am so excited! And I’m pretty sure they deserve some super weather that day for enduring this rain! 🙂 Enjoy your preview Ryan and Amber!



Capturing what is

My kids run from my camera mostly.  The kids who can walk at least. The one who can’t walk – lets just say she probably thinks my camera is an extension of my face.  Makes for some pretty frustrating situations for this photographer mommy. Some days, instead of fighting with them to sit, pose, smile, again, again, one more time … I try to relax and capture them living. I am learning to take in whats around me. To let go of the expectations I have of what I want to capture, and instead just capture what is.

This is dreaming.


This is finally


This is taking a rest

DSC_0742-2and this is just cuteness 🙂