because I’m 3

“I can do it because I’m three.”

That’s what Noah says to me lately when I ask him if he needs help with something.

He has so much confidence in his age.

He’s three, and in his mind that gives him the ability to conquer the world.

Duh, mom.

I admire his confidence.

As a child of God, I have the promise that in Christ I can do ALL things. Do I have ‘Noah sized’ confidence in my position in Him? Do I stand in the truth that I CAN do anything because HE is in me and HE gives me strength?

When the devil comes at me with a sneering, “You can’t do that! Don’t you need help??”

I can confidently reply, “I CAN do it because in Christ I have strength!”

Duh, Satan.


“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13


around here

DSC_0063 copy

Around here I am missing my big kids. Yup, I’m lonely.

Around here getting everybody up and out at 7:30 is making me tired. And having everyone return in a state of chaos – tired, hyper, and crabby – is taking it’s toll. And it’s only the second week of school! Yikes!

Around here, in the midst of all that chaos, I am learning to rest in God. This morning I woke up and dreaded doing the routine all over again. I was lamenting the weekend that went by too quickly. I was angry I had to get out of my comfy bed. I was dreading the hurry-hurry of getting kids ready for school. I was despairing of having another lonely day. And then I got a lovely email from a friend. It said, “Matt 11:28….come to me and I will Rest you (in the Greek). He will rest us, we just come.” Then I knew I needed to surrender my day to HIM. I needed to COME and find his rest. So I stopped, prayed, and gave him my day. Even though I’m not jumping for joy about our school routine I can find peace and rest in God.

Around here Noah and I are enjoying some quality time. I’m noticing funny little things about him that I have never seen before. He actually likes playing on his own. He’ll tinker with toys for a long time without begging me to entertain him. Breath of fresh air compared to the way the two other boys were at this age!

Around here I am learning to adjust to quiet all day.

Around here I am starting to catch up on my project life scrapbook. Hopefully I’ll have pages to share with you soon!

Around here we’re brainstorming baby names. Only 8 weeks to go until the little one arrives and we’re at a loss for a boys name…

Around here we’re diving head first into the soccer season. We started out last week with two practices and a game for Ryan and we’ll continue this routine well into October. This is Ryan’s first organized sport and he is loving it so far! (He is so proud, in fact, that he invites people to his practices, convinced that people would want to witness them.)

Around here I’m enjoying the last pieces of homemade blueberry pie every day while trying to make it last as long as possible. Eating two pieces last night probably didn’t help that goal.

Around here I am taking advantage of every sunny day we have by sitting on the deck and reading.

Around here life is good. Not always easy, but good. Thank you, God.

a little thing called kindergarten


My Daniel starts school tomorrow.

This little thing called kindergarten stirs up so many emotions in this Momma.

Sadness. Am I allowed to be sad? Daniel will be leaving me every day, all day for the first time ever. Coming home with stories that took place while he was away from home. Stories that don’t involve me except for the fact that I am the eager listener.

Pride. He’s so excited to finally go to school. He’s been waiting for this day for a looong time. And I love watching his eyes light up when he talks about it.

Worry. Does he know not to suck on his fingers when he’s nervous without me there to tell him? Will he remember to wash his hands after he uses the bathroom? Does he know not to throw things when he gets angry? Can he find his classroom? Does he remember his ABCs? Will he be kind to the kids in his class? Will he miss me????

For a long time, I’ve been telling him I’m going to cry when I drop him off at school. He always giggles. I giggle too. (but I’m serious.) Last week I informed him that I thought of a great plan – I would lock him in his room so I could keep him at home. That induced more giggles from him. I giggled too, again. (I’m not as serious about that one because he doesn’t actually have a lock on his door, and I kinda think that might be illegal anyway.)

This Momma is learning how to let go. Again. I’m in the process of figuring out that motherhood is a series of letting go.

And it’s good.

After all, as his Momma, my job is to raise him up, not duct tape him down.

(but I still reserve the right to cry about it when Tuesday comes!)