fearfully and wonderfully made

My dear friend Kallie is expecting a baby girl in February. Such a miracle for this family. You may remember her story of heartbreaking miscarriage that she shared on this blog some time ago. You can read that story here, and link to her blog here. (I, in all my tech-savy-ness could not figure out how to re-blog. Yup, I’m that good. Forgive me.) They are facing some complications with their sweet baby girl. My purpose of reposting her words are to gather as much prayer support as possible. So please visit her blog to leave your comments of support, and please keep this family in your prayers as they will be going through a challenging journey in the coming months. Here is what she shared today….


When I found out I was pregnant, I thought about starting a blog. We had quite the journey getting to that point and wanted to share all that God was doing. I didn’t do it then because I didn’t think I’d have enough to say about pregnancy to fill a blog….boy, was I wrong! We’ve had a long hard journey so far, but God has proved faithful through it all. Maybe someday I’ll go into further detail, but for now I want to share our new findings, and ask for prayer for our little girl, my husband Kevin, and myself.

Throughout this pregnancy I have had several ultrasounds monitoring various issues. At my 30 week ultrasound my amniotic fluid was elevated and I was sent to a specialist to see if we could find a reason. She thought our baby looked very normal and did not see anything of great concern. The plan was to monitor with weekly fluid checks and twice weekly Non Stress Tests. At 34 weeks my fluid was elevated more. Back to the specialist with some new findings. We could not see the baby’s left kidney or left thumb on the ultrasound, and her cervical spine appears to be slightly disorganized. He was also suspicious of a tracheoesophageal fistula, a blockage in her esophagus, which would explain the high fluid. He didn’t give us much hope of a normal life. This was a hard pill to swallow as none of these concerns were raised at any earlier ultrasounds, and seemed to come out of nowhere, So we sought a second opinion. Same findings, but much more positive outlook. We won’t know anything for sure until she is born, but right now the plan is to deliver at DeVos, surgery to correct the fistula in the first few days, and then a couple month stay in the NICU for recovery. She might have a rough little start to life, but shouldn’t have any lasting complications.

We are still praying with faith believing that God will heal her, and that she will not need any medical intervention after she is born. But we also know that He created her, just the way she is, perfect in His eyes, to fulfill HIS purpose.



start small to be a hero

My monthly post for Exodus Road …


Do you ever feel discouraged about how to enter the enormous gap between human trafficking and life in the suburbs?  Exodus Road staffer, Kelley J. Leigh, is an ordinary  middle-aged mom to four sons and recently wrote an article over at Burnside Writers Collective about the paralyzation we ‘regular’ people feel about what to do when it comes to sex trade.  She writes ….

My former social justice slackitude stemmed from my belief in super heroes. “Those people” do this stuff, not me. “I’ll just leave them to their supernatural business and check in on them every once in awhile.”  However, I now see them simply as ordinary people who have followed God, one harrowing step at a time.  They didn’t start out as superheroes.  Back alley brothels and hidden cameras only entered the story after a long  series of small choices stepped them toward the bat cave.  It’s the same for all of us.  After the smallest pause and question, “What now?”  What Next?” is always an invitation.  It’s a Jesus invitation. “Follow me.”  Steps which obediently follow inevitably lead us to love God or love people in powerful and unimaginable ways.

And what does the LORD require of you? 

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8

One turn at a time.  One seed of holy unrest, watered.   One humble step. One choice to say “Yes” to the One true God who has a heart to rescue us all, one soul at a time.

Start small.  Water the seed. Let it grow.

Be a hero in this larger story.

Join the rescue.


Kelley J. Leigh lives in a quirky little mountain town in Colorado.  At mid-life she decided to leave behind full-time marketing and consulting work to focus on writing.  The rest of her time goes to her husband, four sons, and the recovery of lost car keys. Someday she hopes to own an old scooter and embarrass her sons by wearing the very dorky helmet around town. Read the rest of the article, HERE.

my hearts desire | a guest post by Kallie Hogan

Today I am so honored to have my friend Kallie guest posting. Here is her inspiring and touching story of how God brought her through disappointment into hope-restored.
         The whole first year of our marriage consisted of me begging my husband to start a family. He wanted to get more settled, he didn’t feel “prepared”. I guess I can’t blame him, we had some stuff to get figured out. I just felt like a part of me was missing, and my deepest desire was to be a mother. When he finally agreed to start trying, I was ecstatic! Little did I know the journey we would go through to get “prepared”.
     After just a couple months of trying, I was pregnant! However, the joy was short lived as I miscarried that next week. God gave us an amazing circle of friends and family that supported us through this trying time.
     The year that followed was full of disappointment and heartache, as month after month I got my period. And month after month, another friend or family member was announcing a pregnancy. I cried and cried to God “WHY NOT ME?! When is it MY turn?!” He gently whispered over and over “Just trust me, I got this.” I finally started to believe early winter. I found new hope and new joy in HIM and all that He has already blessed me with.
He also laid foster care/adoption on my heart in this time. Not out of losing hope that we will have biological children, but in gaining sight that there are so many children that need a loving family.
     January started a series at church on idols. Even good things can be idols. I was gently reminded that just maybe having a baby had become SO important to me that it had taken God’s place in my heart. January 11 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! But that next week in church, another sermon, another gentle reminder, and even now as I HAD what I wanted so badly, I gave it back to God. I did not want this baby on my own will and I did not want it to take first priority in my life. I prayed a specific prayer of forgiveness and surrendered our family back to God, and I think it was the first time I TRULY MEANT IT. I had another miscarriage that week. Yes, I was disappointed, devastated, but how could I be angry. I did just give it over to God, and He responded with not yet. An overwhelming peace and understanding came over me that week. And God carried me through another difficult time with a song on the radio, phone call from a friend, “coincidental” verse in my devotions. Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. I always said God gave me the desire to be a mom and I know He’s not going to leave me hanging. But I never remembered the beginning of that verse. FIRST delight yourself in the Lord. THEN He will give you the desires of your heart. I’m working on making Him my delight, and just waiting on His timing for my desires.
     I want to be a mom. I want THAT to be my full time job. I want to be pregnant with my sisters, my cousins, my best friend. I want a baby before Christmas. But if that’s not what GOD wants, I can’t argue with that. I want to be in the center of HIS will, even if it’s painful at times. So I will continue to pray and wait until He reveals that to me.
Kallie and her husband Kevin have been married 2 1/2 years. They live in West Olive, MI and have two furry, four legged babies. They are patiently waiting on the Lord to bless them with REAL babies!