December Daily | part one

DSC_4175copySince our baby is due SOON (like in the next two days!!)  I have a list of things that I am pushing myself to get done before baby arrives. One of those is my December Daily scrapbook from 2012.  I already don’t have a lot of free time to catch up on scrapbooks and I know that adding a new baby will not help matters. So I’ve been on a mission to get this done!

December Daily is a project started by Ali Edwards (you can visit her at  and I’ve been doing it along with her for the past 4 years. Its about capturing the big and little moments, stories, and memories from the holiday season.  One story, every day. Since I LOVE Christmas, I knew this project would make me happy. So I started it, and it does 🙂 Technically, the idea is to prep foundation pages before December starts, and then complete a page every day. That way, by the end of December the book is finished.  Well, here we are almost a year later and I am finally there. Better late than never, right? Hopefully this inspires you to capture your big and little holiday memories.

Here’s the first half…

DSC_4109copyDSC_4172copyDSC_4111copyDSC_4112copyDSC_4113copyDSC_4168copyDSC_4114copyDSC_4115copyDSC_4116 copyDSC_4118copyDSC_4167copyDSC_4119copyDSC_4166copyDSC_4120 copyDSC_4121copyDSC_4122copyDSC_4123 copyDSC_4163copyStay tuned for part II!

I somehow also managed to complete my 2010 book (FINALLY) and my 2011 book. An encroaching due date can sure do wonders for my motivation!


7 thoughts on “December Daily | part one

  1. I feel like I’m stalking you. I’m checking your entries to see if your still there 🙂 I’m so happy for you & excited

    Blessed be the Name of The Lord

    His kid Lynn 🙂


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