a summer confessional

Apparently my life is so busy I hardly notice when months have passed by without so much as a word uttered on my blog. I can’t even remember exactly how long it’s been. My guilt keeps me from checking the actual date.  Summer, glorious summer, has occupied my days so much that I am relishing every moment, scared they will pass by too fast. And for that, I suppose, I do not feel guilty. I want to grab every second and live it with my family.

I am cherishing this summer. The last summer before baby comes. Meaning by next summer I will most likely not have time to sit in my chair on the deck and read in the sun. Or bring the kids to the beach without worrying about one of them eating sand, skipping naps, or needing to awkwardly nurse while I’m in my bathing suit.

The last summer before Daniel starts school (ugh, I can’t believe I even typed that word. Its a word that means my kids leave, the sun leaves, and my windows close. Sadness. Seeing the school supplies already in stock at Target on my recent trip there brought up such a sick panicky shudder inside of me that I have resigned to living in denial.)

For right now I am






I love you, glorious summer.


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