Today my older kids are enjoying their last day of school for the year. I am so thankful for that, and I’m counting down the minutes. I’ve got a five year old boy in this house who is so sick of playing with his mom. And to be honest, I am a little tired of playing with him too. I do love him, and I do love to play with him. But we’ve grown mutually bored with each other. Its time to bring the reinforcements home.

Today I am wondering if I can make it through another day without McDonalds french fries. I think about them every day.

Today I am waiting for it to feel like summer. I am so ready for constant warmth. Right around 75 degrees would be perfect.

Today I am relishing things that will be memories. Carpooling with good friends. Sixth grade and second grade. Teachers and classmates. Having my Daniel at home instead of school.

Today my agenda includes getting caught up on 10 loads of laundry before Shane and I leave for our anniversary weekend. I am not exaggerating on that number. The last three loads are cycling now, and I will be ever so happy when they are done and put away. Perhaps my mom will stop by to do my folding….

Today I am itching to get caught up on my scrapbook.

Today I am hoping to get my white board written up with chore and activity lists for the kids. Welcome to three months of  boot camp, kids. I’ve been reading the book “Cleaning House” and my eyes have been opened. (You can read a great review about this book here.) In an attempt to eradicate the “entitlement attitude” my kids sport, we’ll be including them in upkeep of the house. Teaching them how to do things so they can survive in real life. Chores will include bed-making, bedroom cleaning, helping with supper, bathroom cleaning, laundry folding, flute practicing, window washing, vacuuming and more. I’m a little excited about this. (and hopefully the whining will go away eventually…)

Today my mind is swimming with plans for our summer. I’m almost a little giddy. I know every moment won’t be heavenly, but even in the hard parts I LOVE having my kids home and I LOVE sharing this season with them.



9 thoughts on “Today

  1. We’ll be boot camping too, but the whining has not ended. We will also be mourning the empty middle spot in our backseat 🙂 and front seat. I hope you get a super size fries tonight, because you deserve it!

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