our tulip time | part 2

By the time Tulip Time was done this year, I was ready for it to be done. Which honestly surprised me since I usually long for it to keep going and going. And on Sunday night I usually feel an emptiness as those vendor carts pack up and pull out. But this year, I think the Thursday parade did me in. It was hot. And I felt like I walked 27 blocks in an attempt to get the kids to their starting location and then hustle down to my spot at the end of the parade. Then Thursday night we enjoyed a night of junk food, the carnival and Dutch Dance. Which was super fun, but gave me my fill for this year. My legs still hurt. And so we stayed in the rest of the week. It helped that the weather turned cold on Friday. (I’m a fair-weather Tulip-timer 🙂  No parades in the cold rain for me!)

So here is part two of our festive week.







DSC_0938copyWatching the carnival while eating corn dogs, and wishing they could ride. (These corn dogs were AWESOME. I am finding that vendor back next year, for sure!)

In order for Daniel to ride the ferris wheel, he needed a parent to ride along. So I was the lucky one to ride with him and Makayla.


This was terrifying for me. I mean TERRIFYING.  I could not think straight, I wanted to get out NOW, and I saw my life flashing before my eyes. I think Daniel’s arm still has red marks from where I was desperately clinging to him. Both in an attempt to keep myself sane and to keep him from falling out. Sad to say, the 5 year old was being braver than I. Pretty sure he really enjoyed himself, actually. Perhaps if I had been thinking straight, I would have realized it was a remarkable view from up there, and I would have taken some pictures of it. Later while walking near one of the highest buildings in Holland, Makayla asked me if we could see on top of it while we were in the ferris wheel. “Yes, yes we could,” I shuddered. Please realize the highest building in Holland is possible 6 or 7 stories (I could be very wrong about that)  but we’re not really talking skyscraper here. It was enough to bring me to tears. If I never ride another ferris wheel, I will be quite happy and satisfied with my life.


DSC_0948copyAnd while I was trying to make it out alive from my ferris wheel ride, Ryan was flying through the sky on this thing. He’s the one with the arrow pointing at him. Crazy, brave, crazy boy. He was grinning from ear to ear about this. Takes after his dad.


We had so much fun this week (even though my legs hurt from walking and my waistline can not handle any more vendor food!) That being said, I still LOVE this time of year and I’m already looking forward to next year!



3 thoughts on “our tulip time | part 2

  1. I love the pictures! So much color!
    I can’t believe Ryan rode on that thing!! One brave boy!!
    Daniel and ‘the bird girl’ are cute!
    Why do they call the ferris wheel, ‘ferris’ wheel, I wonder?
    I like them BTW! The old style was ‘funner’.
    I am quite sure that is not a word but I like it!

    • I’m not sure where ‘ferris wheel’ came from….I might have to look that up! And I am surprised you like them! I’m not sure who I inherited my chicken liver from….

  2. Such beautiful pictures! You get a medal for doing Thursday pregnant 🙂 Your boys are brave… I don’t like heights either. (I love Daniel’s face holding the parrot)

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