Daniel’s well

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My 5 year old Daniel and I were talking in the car the other day about wearing only one outfit for our whole lives. (I’m not sure how that topic came up. Maybe he notices that I wear the same yoga pants day after day. Anyway, I went with it.)

“Some people do only have one set of clothes because they don’t have a lot of money,” I said.

“Yeah, like people who live in China,” he said.

“Well, maybe. And other places too. It’s really sad, isn’t it? You know what’s even sadder?”

“What??” he asked.

“When people don’t have enough food or clean water.”

I explained, while his eyes widened, that kids can get sick and die because of dirty water. That they have to scoop up water from the dirty rivers and then their tummies hurt because of the germs.

“We should help them!” he exclaimed.

And now I’m getting excited, because one of my hearts desires is to have my kids want to share with others. I want them to have compassion. And I was just reading about World Water Day here and was relishing the chance to actually impact my kids with the information.

“We can, buddy! We can raise money for them to get a well in their village! Would you like to do that?” I offered.

After I explained what a well was, he whole heartedly agreed.

“YES! And we can get Grandma and Grandpa to help, and my friends, and Ryan and Makayla!”

And twelve days later, he is still excited. He asked Grandpa to help us raise money when he came over. He found a nickle on the floor and lit up saying, “We can use this for our well!” He asked our friends if he could add their spare change to his well jar. And at bedtime he asked Ryan if he’d like to join us in our quest. He even put all of the chore money he earned straight into the jar.

This is what we have so far.

DSC_0214I can’t wait for the day when we have enough, and he gets to feel the satisfaction of doing something of huge impact. And I can’t wait to tell him about all the little kids drinking a clean cup of water because of him.

We will be donating through Water Aid. Check out their website for information on how you can help as well! Such a fun project for families to do together! Thank you to aboutproximity.com for getting us excited about water!


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