expecting other plans

This is what I woke up to a few Fridays ago…


Yup, you saw that right. Baby number six is on it’s way!

I took the test because my husband gets worried every month. I need to put his mind at ease sometimes. Not for an instant did I feel pregnant. So I was sure I had wasted my money on this little pee stick.

I followed the test directions, saw only one line, and set it on the bathroom counter. “Just as I thought – negative ” I said to myself. And then, just to be sure, I thought I’d wait the prescribed 3 minutes.

Three minutes later I came back to find two lines now staring up at me from that little window.

My first reaction? My heart lept up in disbelief, bewilderment, and JOY.

No, this wasn’t in my plans. I was not expecting this.

God seems to usurp my plans quite a bit. So I should know by now that when I have my future all planned out, God is going to do some major shifting, and I need to expect that other plans are coming. HIS plans. And somehow, even though I don’t usually end up getting what I planned on, I come out on the other end more peaceful and fulfilled. And more mature. Lots of growing takes place in those uncertain, plan-changing times.

Like when we planned and dreamed for a promising job change for Shane; and instead we learned a lesson in character growth.

Or when we planned (multiple times) to sell our current home and find our dream home because I was SO entirely discontent here; and instead we learned contentment and trust.

Or when I had plans for the way my delivery with Daniel would go; and instead I learned that God is in control and he will humble the proud.

Call me crazy, but I am honestly SO EXCITED about this baby. Truly I am. I know I have said many times that we were done having kids. And it was true. I felt completely done. Satisfied and content with our family as it was. When people asked if we were going to have more kids, I would say no and I would tell them that I’d end up in the nut house if I had any more kids. It just wasn’t in my plans.

But I now feel so blessed by HIS plans.

And I look forward to sharing with you this journey. 🙂


13 thoughts on “expecting other plans

  1. Congrats Amy! How exciting! God sure has a funny way of telling us “no no not your way MINE!” The night we found out we were preggo with Kylah Matt and I talked about waiting a couple more years.

  2. Congrats!!! We are excited, too, and know that God has something wonderful for you and your family better than what anyone could have planned!! Thank you for this new little one, Father!!
    Ron talked about that yesterday. We think we know what we want but God has different plans that are better! The people in Jesus time wanted him to be King and deliver them right then! Little did they know he had something SOOOOO much better and broader in mind, deliverance for all people!
    Thank you God for your better plans!!

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