is justice worth it?

Honestly, I have asked that question. Injustice has a way of never ending.

But after watching this video, and reading this beautiful blog post by a dear friend, I am so ashamed for ever asking myself this question.

If I feel this way about pursuing justice for the suffering, I am too detatched.

I am too far removed.

I have not put myself in places where I will build relationships with the suffering.

I am guilty.

And I don’t want to be anymore.

I am now praying that God will put suffering people in my life so I can make them MY OWN. And in turn, fight to bring hope to them.


This is a dangerous prayer.

Dangerous because it will require me to act, not just ponder.

It will require true love and sacrifice, not just observation.

It will require me to get my hands dirty, not just watch from the sidelines.

It will probably be tiring and hurt my heart sometimes.

I am ready.

Are you?

What are the obstacles you face to making the oppressed “your own”?  Did anything in the video tug at your heart?

You can connect up with The EXODUS ROAD to learn about making victims of slavery more closely your own.


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