weekend wanderings | down on the farm

DSC_0595 copy Being a farmer is something I daydream about. It seems so romantic to me. Even all the dirt, smells, and work seem wonderful. I’m not sure why, really. Because I have never been a tom boy. I used to be afraid of bugs, and I hated getting my hands dirty when I was little. And the smell of farms – yes I complained as my dad would drive by them.

I think its the wide open spaces that do it for me. And the value of things that truly matter. Like family. Work. Life. Character. Nature. Simplicity.

This weekend we got to visit Shady Side Farm for their sheep shearing open house. (You can read the farmer’s wife’s wonderful blog here.) I am pretty sure I enjoyed it more than the kids. I mean, they loved it, but I loved it. The Bronkema family has long been a family I look up to for raising kids, work ethic, and family values. They are truly wonderful. And I am so thankful they open their farm up on this one day for us to get a little taste of farm life. We got to watch sheep shearing, pet baby sheep, see the other animals, and visit their family shop (where they make and sell wonderful wool products and have their beans for sale).

The sheep shearing is really fun to watch. The lady from the Critter Barn in Zeeland was there to narrate the process. Super helpful in answering questions and explaining things. The whole thing fascinates me. Even though it looks awkward, the sheep really are comfortable and cared for through the entire  event. (And I apologize for the blurry picture. Low light + movement = not so good for my camera) DSC_0560copy   The baby sheep – so adorable. DSC_0576copyNoah really wanted the llamas to eat out of his hand. They just stared at him. DSC_0580My favorite part of the adventure – watching Makayla visit with the horses. This girl is in love with horses. (you can read more about that here.) She found her little piece of heaven. DSC_0622copy DSC_0620 copy DSC_0600 copyAnd this time I didn’t get to spend much time in the shop, because my kids were, ahem, a little “out of sorts”. But these pictures are from last year. They have some beautiful rugs, mittens and other wool products. DSC_0812copy DSC_0809copyThank you,  Bronkema family for opening your farm for us to enjoy! We can’t wait for next year!


7 thoughts on “weekend wanderings | down on the farm

  1. You are welcome, Amy. Love the pictures, and love having you visit. And as for perfect kids and a wonderful farm? You’re only seeing us when we’re all cleaned up. We need God’s correction and grace every day. If it weren’t for Him…

  2. I have tried getting pictures of livestock before, and it’s a tricky thing. The poor beasts never stand still like you want them to. Silly animals, don’t they understand the importance of blogging??

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