this boy | Ryan age 7


This boy loves Legos. I mean LOVES them. He will spend hours tinkering with his Legos. And if he gets a new set, you better believe he’ll be up at the crack of dawn to put it together.

This boy is going to be a leader. Last year, his first grade teacher and I agreed he would become president some day.

This boy proudly wore a suit to school one day, and told his carpool buddy in all seriousness, “Don’t push me in the snow. I have my fancy pants on today!”

This boy is always right. Just ask him. He’ll tell you it’s the truth.

This boy has a tender heart.

This boy is brave. When he got his new skateboard for Christmas, we took him to the local skate park. The skate park intimidates me because I feel like I don’t belong there among the ‘cool skater guys’. But this boy jumped right in and skated with the big boys. He graciously accepted their advice, and was soon one of the guys.

This boy wears his pajamas inside out because that somehow turns him into a ninja.

This boy can not figure out how his mom “knows everything.”

This boy will talk to anyone. Shyness is not on his list of personality traits. He gets that from his dad.

This boy loves with all his might, cries with all he’s got, argues with every ounce of conviction he can muster, and talks without ceasing.

This boy humbles me and brings me to my knees in prayer. He teaches me that I can not parent with out God.

This boy is a gift from God. And I am so blessed to have him.


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