Project Life – let me introduce you

Today I wanted to share some of my Project Life album with you. Now, please note, the album I am currently sharing is from last year (2011). And I have not even started putting together the one from this year. (I am convinced that I will forever be behind on my memory keeping. I am a chronic procrastinator, and I am learning to be ok with that.)  Buuuut, in an attempt to keep up, I thought I’d put a little pressure on myself by sharing my pages here. That way, I feel like I have deadlines. Sort of.

I always knew there was no feasible way I could make scrapbooks for all my children. Even when I only had one child I knew I could never keep up. And to be honest, I didn’t really love finding paper, buying stickers and coming up with huge layouts for every birthday or big life event. So I would stick all my photos into boring old albums and put them on the shelf. Well, that got old. And I got behind. (surprise!) And by the time my oldest was six, she already had 12 albums. And my second child had five already. And there was a new baby with two. (I take a lot of pictures.) So unless we wanted to buy a storage unit to keep all our picture albums, I had to come up with something. So I did nothing. (That’s the procrastinator in me. Can’t find a solution? Just give up.)

Until three years ago when I found Project Life. What is Project Life you ask?  It is this busy mom’s dream come true. I would be so much farther behind in my memory keeping if I had not run across this a few years ago.The system was designed by Becky Higgins (and I admit that I am slightly in love with her for this). It is a simple approach to scrapbooking. Simple = key word. The fun thing is, it doesn’t have to be simple. It gives me the ability to keep it simple when I’m rushed, or to embellish a little more when I have extra time (which isn’t very often.) Either way, I’m getting my beloved photos in an album, my words about my kids recorded, and it gives me an artistic outlet.   Bonus sentimental note – my kids LOVE looking at our albums. Its the story of them.

You really only need five things to get started: a 12×12 album, page protectors, and a core kit (which includes pre-cut papers and journaling cards that perfectly fit into the page protectors), a pen, and your own photos.  Fun part?  Right now there are 10 different core kits to choose from. That means all kinds of beautiful styles. For last year’s album (ahem, otherwise known as the one I am currently trying to finish) I used the Clemetine kit. This year (and I’m really excited about this because I LOVE it) I am using the Seafoam kit.

And Project Life can be anything you want it to be. I do mine week by week. Meaning I have a layout for every week. So my album holds a whole year. Some people do baby albums, some people wedding albums, some use it as an album with no date constrictions, and on and on. Its yours and you get to make the rules.

So enough of my talking. I will share more of my “creative process” another day so as not to overwhelm you with too much gushing about Project Life. (which I love, if I haven’t mentioned that before.) So for right now, I’ll share a page I completed during a church craft day (so fun!) this past weekend.

(click on any picture to see a larger version.)

(and I apologize for my lovely carpet in the background. Not very picture-worthy, I know.)


This was the last week of summer. We welcomed my sister’s new baby (Jase Henry) into the world this week.  (The cute “hello everyday life” card is a free download found here.)


And we spent some time in my dad’s garden digging up potatoes. The kids thought this was awesome. And it made me want to be a farmer. Even more than I already do.

We also spent some time at the beach. But it was too cold to swim. So we ran around in the sand and splashed in the waves.

And a fun weekend spent at my aunt’s cottage on Ford Lake. One last hurrah before school starts!  (The “hello weekend” card is a free download found here.)

And I lied. Its not complete. I forgot the dates on the title card. Whoops. I will add that right now. Or when I get around to it….

Supplies used: Amy Tangerine Thickers – goodness slate, Basic Grey MicroMonogram stickers alphabet white,  Clementine core kit 

(And just so you know, you don’t have to be behind on this. Now that I think about it, there is really no reason to be behind. Its designed to be easy so you can keep up. LOTS of people do this and keep up. The “being behind” part is just part of my personality. And like I said before, I am ok with that 🙂 Maybe in the near future I will write a post with tips on how to keep up!)


6 thoughts on “Project Life – let me introduce you

  1. This is genius!! I have heard it but never really looked into this…now maybe my 7 and a half year old can come home from the hospital (that’s where his scrapbook album sorta ended…)

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