my good intentions


I love to pin health an beauty on Pinterest. I see new exercise routines, promises that my tummy will finally be flat if I just do these 7 certain things every day, beautiful bodies that I am jealous of…and I pin. And pin.

I do have good intentions. I swear to myself I’ll read about them later and try them all out.

It doesn’t happen. (If you know me, this isn’t a big surprise)

For now, just knowing I have that information saved somewhere somehow makes me feel a whole lot better. A lot more “fit”.

In reality, the pins do nothing for me unless I read them and apply them.

Kind of reminds me of the way I treat the Bible sometimes. I have one. Well, I have seven actually. (And I may have missed a couple while I was counting.) I have good intentions. I really do. And somehow having those Bibles up there on the shelf makes me feel better.

But what good does God’s Word do me while it sits “pinned” to my bookshelf?

What if I would actually read and apply? What would happen then?

I would know it. Soak it in. Be refreshed. And be changed.

Not into a supermodel. Or someone with tight abs. Or someone who can run 10 miles.

But into someone who is fit to serve. Fit to love. Fit to follow. Fit to believe.

Please God, turn my good intentions into action. Let me revel in your word so I may be forever transformed.


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