in the wind


I closed my eyes and daydreamed of summer today.

I imagined the glorious sun shining on my face. The clouds drifting through the sky.

I could feel the heaviness of warm. I could smell the fragrance of new life mixed with Lake Michigan blowing in the breeze.

I was standing on flowing green hills as far as my eye could see. They sloped down away from me and were covered in wildflowers that danced in the wind. Far in the distance I could see great towering trees surrounding my meadow and waving in the breeze. The leaves on the trees joined in the dance and rolled with laughter and joy.

The wind made me dance as well. It gracefully enveloped me and filled my senses as it came sweeping over the landscape.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply.

Something about the wind is so beautiful to me.

It is in the wind that I feel like I can feel God moving and speaking.

When I cry out to him in the warmer months, I sometimes feel that he answers me in the wind. That while I am pouring out my heart or asking for his direction, he suddenly sweeps over me in a comforting embrace of rushing air.

Breeze laced with intoxicating warm.
Breeze with a power to lift me up and encourage my spirit.
Breeze that fills my senses and stills my longing heart.

In these long winter months I miss feeling the warm wind on a summer day. I miss hearing God in the breeze.

But I know that even when I can not feel the refreshing breeze that reminds me of God’s movement, He is still moving.

He is still at work.

He is still present.

He is still speaking.

He is still refreshing.

God, help me to sense you and trust you even when the summer breeze is far away.


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